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“Nor, I fancy, has he ever had much time for thinking, never had time to let reflection drip its poison into his wine.” – From Doktor Glas by Söderberg

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Why Are You So Afraid of Death?

I dreamt my family and a couple of close friends were dining at a vegetarian restaurant. The air was comfortably warm, the lighting soft, and various tantalizing aromas wafted about. You could hear the chatter of the patrons, busily socializing … Continue reading

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Living Alarm

Radhika Ramana was trapped in a nightmare with an obnoxious beeping object. First she tried turning it of with civility. Then she removed the batteries. Still, it taunted her ears with its incremental high pitched cry. After desperately smashing it … Continue reading

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Time, standing between them, enhances their craving. The intensity is turned up when, at last, they reunite. Time is the salve that soothes all wounds, and the force of antiquation that turns a cherished object into a worn and priceless … Continue reading

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