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Truth is like the sun, its value wholly depends upon our being at a correct distance away from it. – From Doktor Glas by Söderberg

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Oh Einstein, You’re So Neat.

To everyone who keeps parading around the hallmark-esque internet-sensation quote that Einstein supposedly said about living life as if everything is a miracle – this contains what he REALLY said:

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I’ve found, from pain and ponders, long, Words, seldom weak, are often strong. They may, in certain situations, Win her love, or crumble nations. Sharpened arrows, scented flowers- Two among their varied powers. Mind your tongue’s end destination, Cold or … Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Lies

“There are two kind of lies… lies and not-lies. If you tell lies, you are a liar. If you tell not-lies, you are a truther.” – My 6-year-old

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I believe…

I believe in humans, desires, selfish individuality, the ability to feel, connect or go numb. I believe in the power of mind and perception to alter all that is seen, experienced, and remembered. I see the emptiness behind the mask … Continue reading

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