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Hierarchy of Desires

“One wants to be loved, in lack thereof admired, in lack thereof feared, in lack thereof loathed and despised. One wants to instill some sort of emotion in people. The soul trembles before emptiness and desires contact at any price.” … Continue reading


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Why Are You So Afraid of Death?

I dreamt my family and a couple of close friends were dining at a vegetarian restaurant. The air was comfortably warm, the lighting soft, and various tantalizing aromas wafted about. You could hear the chatter of the patrons, busily socializing … Continue reading

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An Indian Grandma, a Handsome Doctor, and Human-wearing Aliens

I don’t remember where I was, but I was trying to walk home. Somehow I wasn’t paying attention, and, lost in thought, I passed my street. To get my bearings, I stopped inside a nail salon and pretended to be … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreaming?

I once found instructions that promised to lead to lucid dreaming. After following the process for sometime, which included frequently questioning my awake state with “am I dreaming?” and finding patterns to recognize the difference, I awoke one night to … Continue reading


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The End

I dreamt the sky was suddenly littered with jets firing rockets as I sped down the highway. Many of us pulled over and ran to side rail to stare in awe as magnificent explosions filled the air and ether. Was … Continue reading

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Time, standing between them, enhances their craving. The intensity is turned up when, at last, they reunite. Time is the salve that soothes all wounds, and the force of antiquation that turns a cherished object into a worn and priceless … Continue reading

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Maternal Paranoia.

I had a whole lot of shopping to do for Govinda’s today, including picking up a bulk order of vital wheat gluten in Arvada. I forgot to take my car charger, so my phone died half way through my errands. … Continue reading

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