About Radhika

radhikaramanadotcomRadhika Ramana is the most dedicated commitment-phobe, pessimistic optimist, devious innocent, fearless coward, virginal whore, intelligent fool, shyest exhibitionist, honest liar, and hardest working slacker that you’ll ever meet.

She has recently recognized that she possesses super powers and has formulated three super identities within herself:  The Alchemist, transforming poison into nourishment in a social mental/emotional context, The Facilitator, with a weapon in the arsenal called “Serum of Truth“, and The Social Scientist, experimenting and pushing the boundaries of both spoken and unspoken social laws.

Of course, these three super identities are masked by three corresponding life identities:  The Wife, with a passion for service and Helen Andelin’s controversial book up her sleeve, The Mother, complete with omniscient mama-vision and kisses that make everything better, and The Artist, expressing on canvas, stage, notebook, and blog.

What she has yet to uncover is whether she is a super hero…. or a super villain.

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