My Four-year-old’s Odd Obsession.

My son seems to be obsessed with the film, Sant Tukaram [1936].

It’s a bit bewildering as it is unlike anything my kids would *normally* pine for and hardly what you might label “entertainment” for a four-year-old. It’s an old black and white movie from India, filled with drawn out melodic singing. No, it’s not fancy and eye-catching like Bollywood – it’s mostly a guy walking around singing, in a different language – in fact ALL of the speaking is in a different language, complete with subtitles.

By modern standards, it is incredibly slow. Maybe it’s the dramatic way the characters carry themselves. Or perhaps it’s a child version of nostalgia, since he first saw it when he was even smaller [Oh you should’ve seen his face light up when he found the DVD after it being lost for some time]. Whatever it is, I’m not complaining… I rather like the soothing musical numbers and the lack of spastic cartoon characters demeaning each other.

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