The End

I dreamt the sky was suddenly littered with jets firing rockets as I sped down the highway. Many of us pulled over and ran to side rail to stare in awe as magnificent explosions filled the air and ether. Was this it? Full-on war?

I fumbled back across the highway, and a speeding truck just barely missed me. I felt the rush of wind past my face, as my mother screamed for me to hurry. She had pulled over beside my car, and, without thinking, I jumped into her car. As we rushed off, I turned my head around and yelled for her to go back, “I need my bag! I need my phone!”, but in her hurried daze, she could not comprehend my requests. I felt a sinking feeling as I realized I wouldn’t be able to contact my husband Brahma and our children.

Skipping over the incomprehensible stuff that dreams are made of, my mother and I were now in front of her house. I reached for the door, but instead it swung open and the people inside aimed large weapons at us. We laid down on the ground as ordered, but suddenly the men with guns were tense and frozen. I followed their eyes and saw these tall beings walking past us on the street. Clearly they were in charge, and this must have been who the US jets were targeting.

The men gave us neon pieces of rubber – one yellow, one pink. They were flat and round, and they made us put them in our mouths. A dream epiphany revealed this as their method to filter out the non-cooperatives. I could see a massive beast, covered in long fur, crawling on all fours, wandering the park behind my mother’s house. We were ordered to walk through, and somehow I knew the pieces in our mouth were markers for the creatures so they’d know to devour us.

As we walked toward the park, we met my neighbor who faced the same fate. She hurriedly told me that two of my children were at the safe house that she was trying to return to before she was also caught. Her voice was interrupted by the growl of the dog-like creature who approached us with sharp teeth showing. I spit out the piece of rubber and told my mother and neighbor to do the same. With my foot, I buried it in the dirt, and smiled warmly at the beast.

It moved past me, and I reached out my hand to touch its back. Speaking softly I coaxed it to kneel, and firmly rubbed my hands through its warm fur. At last, it relaxed and rolled over so I could rub its belly, letting out a sound of appreciation for the tender attention. I glanced at my neighbor who’d found a sharp blade. Killing the beast while it was soothed and distracted crossed my mind, but I decided it was best to let it live. I’m not sure if it was because I felt sympathy, or if I thought it would be a useful ally.

Skipping ahead through more nonsensical dream garbage, we arrived at the safe house where I was reunited with my six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son. My heart let out a sigh of relief, but it still ached for Brahma and our nine-year-old daughter. I borrowed the house phone and tried to dial Brahma’s number, but as dreams often seem to go, I couldn’t press the correct numbers. I desperately tried over and over to call him, but failed each time.

I decided to seek him out, but my other two children whimpered as I neared the door. My youngest was cold and shirtless, so I reached into his sister’s bag and put one of her shirts on him. It was light purple and feminine, but it was warm. As I gathered them in my arms, carrying one on each side, I thought about how dangerous it was to bring them with me. But then I realized everything was hopeless, and I made up my mind: We were all going to die anyway, and so I’d rather we die together.

[Dreamt June 18th-19th 2013]

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