Inadvertently Stolen Ingredients

Last night I dreamt I was shopping in Safeway. I wandered up and down the aisles gathering ingredients as an older female employee behind the customer service counter kept a suspicious eye on me. This Safeway didn’t seem to have everything I needed, and so I wheeled my cart to the parking lot, unloaded the items, and drove a few blocks to a different Safeway. Only then did I realize that I’d forgotten to pay! No wonder she kept staring at me.

In the distance I saw a police car approaching. I hurriedly stuffed some ingredients in the glovebox and the rest underneath the back seats. They’d never believe that I’d simply forgotten! Realizing the glovebox was a terrible idea, and the first place they’d look, I opened it back up, took the ingredients out, and exited to the empty parking lot. Looking around, I found what appeared to be a bird bath full of ice. How convenient! Now my items wouldn’t spoil. I stuffed them inside and looked around.

The officers of the law were getting closer. A few feet away I saw the clothesline that would normally be in my waking-life’s backyard, but of course, in dreamland, it was displaced. The rug from Yom’s room was hanging on the line, drying out from a water-spill. I raced to it, and pulled it from the line, realizing a method to better conceal the other ingredients in the car.

Though I was alone, I could hear my family cheering me on in the distance, as if I were a show playing on the screen in our living room, and they were watching, agreeing with my plan. I climbed into the back of the car and stuffed the rug underneath the seats, masking the ingredients. Now it just looked like part of the car!

As the police neared even closer, I stepped back out, and suddenly I realized I was still holding a pack of Soyrizzo! In a panic I tossed it over the wide ledge of a displaced recessed window, the kind in the basement laundry room of my waking life. I made a mental note to return there, as the Soyrizzo would spoil if it were unrefrigerated for too long.

“Good afternoon,” the tall officer greeted me as he stepped out of the police car.

I turned around and smiled, hiding my nervous tension. “Afternoon, officer,” I pleasantly returned with a nod.

“We’re responding to a theft complaint, mind if we search your vehicle?” He inquired with a particularly handsome smile.

In the corner of my eye I saw a tub of sour cream rising up above the ice in the concrete bird bath. “If that’s completely necessary,” I grinned back, with what felt like conscious feminine charm to distract him from the sour cream. Judging by the gleam in his brown eyes, it seemed to work, and when he turned away, I reached over and stuffed it back down under the ice.

A second officer, a shorter female, joined in the search. Sure enough, the first place they looked was the glove compartment. I smiled to myself, relieved that I’d moved the contents. After a couple of minutes of finding nothing, they gave up the search.

“We just need to take your fingerprints now,” the officer gathered his thoughts and laid out the printing kit. I pressed my fingers into the ink, and rolled my prints onto the white sheet of paper, inside the black rectangular borders. I could feel the suspense of my family on the other side of the screen, as they hoped this would be the last requirement before the officers’ departure. Turning my face toward them, even though I could not see them, I smiled through… and woke up.

[Dreamt July 9th-10th, 2013]

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