An Indian Grandma, a Handsome Doctor, and Human-wearing Aliens

I don’t remember where I was, but I was trying to walk home.

Somehow I wasn’t paying attention, and, lost in thought, I passed my street. To get my bearings, I stopped inside a nail salon and pretended to be interested in their many gaudy designs. A heavy-set woman advised me on which long red nails she thought would suit me best.

When I stepped back out of the shop, this very old indian woman from my past, my friend’s grandmother, crossed paths with me. “What have you become?!” She chastised me, eyeing me up and down, commenting on my 1/2 inch hair, thigh-high orange dress and red pack of Twizzlers that I grasped. Tired of awaiting my response, she walked away. Honestly, I was surprised she was still alive. [In a previous dream she’d arrived as a possessed old woman, hunched over and beckoning me with two hands, sending a shiver down my spine – but I’m getting sidetracked!]

I tried to find a different route home, but ended up in a shady part of town instead. And no, I don’t mean there were alot of trees. Quickening my steps, I tried to not look too obviously lost, avoided eye contact, and just kept moving. I found a street name that I recognized, and knew would take me home, but it was cut off by an old mental institution.

As I tried to go around it, a mentally-ill man playfully attacked me, and so I ended up inside, wandering the broken halls. I completely lost my sense of direction after circling around and around and around. I realized it was abandoned, and hardly any walls were even complete. Gaping holes to the outside were everywhere, with vines enveloping the structure, yet many residents remained faithful to the one place they knew….

Now my dream suddenly took a drastic turn. A handsome doctor showed up, and he attempted to barricade the people in. Turns out they were actually aliens…in the guise of humans! Uh oh, they knew I was on to them. I could tell the doctor needed help, but instead I fearfully fled.

I ended up at a maze of miniature businesses establishments – more missing walls, but these were on purpose – some sort of new style. Sensing that I was actually being chased, I dove behind a half-wall at a Q-doba office. An employee gave me a phone to use, and I somehow managed to dial the mysterious doctor. As I peeked over the wall, I saw the invasion of the beings and witnessed the fate of any humans that came into contact with them.

Reaching in my pocket I discovered a vintage pistol with a massive barrel, just in time, as five faces suddenly peered down at me over the wall. When they discovered what I was holding, they took an abrupt step back, but I was actually aiming the weapon under my chin, pointing upwards to the back of my skull. Were they startled because I possessed a weapon that could kill them all? Or were they baffled as to why anyone would want to do that to themselves? I tried to interpret their gasp.

Still, I knew I’d rather die a quick death by my own hand, then meet the long and drawn out ending that these beings offered.

And so I pulled the trigger.

Hrmmmm…. I heard the gun go off, but I found no relief. I still vividly felt them pull me out and over the wall, tearing strips of my flesh from my body with their hands.

But at last… I awoke.

[Dreamt April 8th-9th, 2009]

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