I’ve been giving some thought to a stranger’s frustrated words that I heard today: “…I’ve been surrounded by people who think that there is nothing better in life than getting married and having children.”

It seems the problem may be due to people seeing marriage and birth as the end goal, as external markers of social status, as an accomplishment in and of itself. Children become nothing more than well-dressed accessories, and marriages no more than a desperate attempt to possessively claim another person as one’s own, in order to avoid the terrifying state of being utterly alone.

If perhaps more energy were invested in developing those children as the future of the world, rather than social excuses to avoid contributing to the greater picture, due to the imagined or self-imposed restraint that comes with child-rearing…

Or if perhaps more energy were invested into the relationship itself, through sacrifice and service, mutual utilization of the opportunity to see one’s flaws mirrored in the eyes of the one who sees all the ugly parts that are hidden from the world, in an attempt to develop one’s character…

Well then… the world might just improve.

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